New Year New Job

So with the New Year underway, if you are thinking of a changing your job over the coming months, then rest assured you are not alone. It is estimated that up to 50% of the UK workforce are likely to be looking for a new challenge this year.  Although competition for key roles will be high, as 75% employers are planning to recruit in 2018, it sounds as though there will be plenty of opportunities for those happy to take the plunge.

With looking for a new role often featuring in our New Year’s resolution list, keeping this dream alive is not a case of jumping in and hoping for the best. To maximise your chances of success and ensure that your wish becomes a reality, take a look at our recommended Top Tips to set you on the right path. So, first things first …

Plan your Search Strategy

As obvious as this seems, it’s amazing how many people don’t put aside time to map out what they really want to achieve in their next career move. Result: an unfocused search that lacks direction. Follow our 3 “MUST DO’S” to give your job hunt some oomph!

Define your target job

Are you looking for a step up in terms of title? What about job content? Would wider responsibility or specialising in a niche area float your boat? Are you looking to make a significant step change, possibly moving from finance to operations?

Define your target business

Would you prefer to have a senior role in an SME rather than a mid-tier position in a large corporate? Do you have a passion for a particular business sector or do you want to keep your options open? What about location – would you consider moving towns, counties or countries for your next job?

Define your target reward

Is the most important thing an increase in salary? Would a generous benefits package be a motivator? You might possibly consider a compromise on both, if “home working”, part time hours or the job of a lifetime is on offer.

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