Introducing PurpleStar

What is PurpleStar?

PurpleStar is a world class, streamlined cloud-based recruiting intelligence platform. 

It offers you all the tools of the recruitment trade, the bells & whistles of best-in-class recruitment technology, encompassing proven methods and advertising/CV database solutions.

You can operate a fully transparent process, which provides you with access to our online technologies and most importantly content. As such, you have 24/7 access to our aggregated CV databases, Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and job management & advertising multi-posting systems; allowing you to plan for & respond instantly to recruitment demands, cutting down your overall recruitment process time frames & opportunity costs administering it all in one place.


For those with more segmented & supplementary recruitment process needs we offer the additional flexibility of RPO – recruitment process outsourcing. You may seek support on portions of the recruitment cycle or wish for agencies you select to use to be coordinated (MSA) and which you don’t want to manage – we can manage key stages for you directly.

Outsource chunks of the recruitment process to our team of recruitment experts, where we can provide support in a wide range of areas, from job profiling to CV selection, candidate screening & interviewing. This service is designed to augment your existing recruitment or internal resourcing processes, providing support in both an advisory and practical capacity.

The PurpleStar service you receive will be customised to fit your requirements, so you pay, using our economies of scale, for the exact aspects of the recruitment service that you require, as well as benefiting from an expedient fast access process.