2018 Recruitment Trends – What Can We Expect_


With Christmas almost upon us, UK employment at its highest since Harold Wilson was Prime Minister and Brexit negotiations seeming to gain traction, we take a sneak peek at some of the likely recruitment trends of 2018.

Increasing Job Numbers
A recent survey by Indeed.co.uk has identified that the upwards hiring trend of 2017 is set to continue into the New Year, with more than 60% of recruiters seeing the need to increase headcount, just under 30% expecting to maintain staff numbers and a mere 10% looking to reduce employee figures. It appears that a robust economy is driving demand with 56% of employers hiring to support business growth and expansion.

The Rise of Technology
Expect to see the increasing adoption of AI and recruitment software tools, including BPA – business process automation, to improve the accuracy of candidate matching & workflows identify the strongest available audience and increase recruitment efficiency. The spotlight will be on expediency, quality and timely delivery of recruitment projects to successful conclusion.

It’s All About the Experience
Recruiters take note, candidate experience will be a differentiator. Whether hiring directly, via referral or through a recruitment consultancy, a poor candidate experience can make or break in an individual’s final decision. The buzz word of 2018 is of “the candidate as consumer” with strong expectations around immediate, real-time updates and information about job applications, interviews and feedback. The human touch will still be number 1, with an increasing acceptance that email, SMS, LinkedIn and Application Tracking Software will play their part in improving the experience.

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